Rhys Huber

Hey, you made it! For a little taste of the formal version of me, keep scrolling to my LinkedIn link! If not, keep reading :).

I'm a quirky guy, surround myself with unique people and am always looking for something new. I'm fun and outgoing, but don't let that fool you because I am like the Big Bad Wolf. No, I don't dress in a night gown, but I'm competitive and I'll fight my way to the top. I'm driven, so driven that I just don't believe in the word "No" because it just makes me try harder.

Don't believe me? Ask the mother. She would tell you that she'd find me having crawled out of my crib, sitting on the counter eating butter, or wake up to the neighbours from down the street calling to tell her they had found me on their doorstep at 6am waiting for more butter. Or my aunt would tell you the time I locked her out of the car at a stop light on West Georgia and Denman because she wouldn't take me to McDonalds. And don't even get me started on how many times I have heard the Playdough story!

Just before we continue: I was a chubby child, yes.

Either way, I'm determined. When I set my sights on a particular goal, I always see it through. I never give up, both a quality that is a God-send and a curse. Hopefully along the way you will see that between the quirky, random, but thought provoking stuff I say about what I am passionate about, or my outrageous opinions on certain strategy, marketing and advertising topics, that there is actually some worthwhile substance beneath it all. Or simply, maybe you just want to find someone who you can trust...won't lock you out of your car because you won't take him to McDonalds. But hey, if worse comes to worse, just throw some butter my way and apparently I'll back down ;).

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